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Access to Your Case File and Your Attorney…….. Online …. 24/7/365online

Our unique Divorce Online Case Management System gives you access to your case file and all of the online divorcedocuments in it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can view each and every document, pleading, court order, letter and more in one central place, anytime you want.  You can even download and print the documents for your own paper file.

Notifications and alerts of case developments sent directly to your Email or Cell Phone.

You will be notified immediately when something happens on your case such as when documents are received by the attorney, when a message is received, when a court date or meetings is scheduled and more.

You always have to access your case and client information. Securely login from any computer anytime.  You can even use the free MyCase iPhone or Android App to access your case and communicate with your attorney.

attorney onlineShare Documents

Our Office can send you documents via the internet, faster then mailing them like most law offices do.  You can upload documents and send them to our office for our immediate review.  Nothing gets lost in the mail and there is a permanent record of everything for you to review anytime.  If the court, an attorney, or you mail us something we will upload it to your case file.  And everytime something is added to your online case file you will get a message in your personal e-mail.

Get reminders and view upcoming events on a Calendarcalendar

Upcoming court dates and filing deadlines are recorded on the calendar feature.  Keep track of what’s due, when it’s due, and who’s responsible.  It even sends out a reminder to your own personal e-mail address, 48 hours in advance, to remind you of a court date or other scheduled event.

Ask a question, leave a message

divorce onlineSend a message or ask a question whenever you want.  No need to leave a phone message and wait for someone to get back to you.  NO PHONE TAG…..and have a permanent record of the question and answer in the online case file, it’s always there for you to review.


online lawyerSecurity

Keeping your information safe and secure is a top priority.  Your individual account is password protected and safe from everyone except you and your attorney. You can even choose your own personal username and password.  All  information is encrypted – with the same level of security as online banks (SSL128- bit encryption security for data transmission and 256-bit AES encryption when storing data. Unique keys are generated for every item, providing an additional layer of security).


You need to meet and speak with us to discuss your case.  The online divorce system simply makes us more convenient, efficient and accessible than other law firms, and it saves time and lowers your legal fees.  But we are always just a telephone call or office visit away, offering personal and professional service.


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