How To Get Divorced?

Divorce is the process by which a marriage is legally ended.  In Pennsylvania, a divorce can be granted by the court as either fault or no-fault. Most divorces are granted as no-fault. This is the quickest and easiest and least expensive way to get a divorce. Some divorces, however, are granted based on the “fault” of one of the parties. Fault grounds include malicious desertion, adultery, imprisonment and/or indignities. Divorce cases range from the simple and uncontested to the complex and contentious.

An action for divorce is commenced with the filing of a Divorce Complaint in the Court of Common Pleas of the county in which you live. In addition to requesting the court to grant a divorce, the complaint may also include counts involving the following issues:

Will You Have To Go To Court ?divorce
The Court does not require that you appear in court in every divorce case.  You may complete the entire divorce process without ever having to go to court.  Usually each party will retain the services of an attorney and the attorneys will exchange information and negotiate a settlement of all issues in your case. This settlement becomes a binding agreement adopted by the court and your case is completed.  Some times the people getting divorced have already agreed on what they want to do before ever seeing the lawyer. The lawyer sees to it that the proper paperwork is processed according to the rules of the court, that you are treated fairly and makes sure that you will not have any future problems.

What happens to the home when both parties are on the deed and mortgage?
What happens to a pension or retirement plan?
Who is responsible for debts?
These are questions that we can answer.

Because a lot of people are using the courts, the process is backed up and takes a long time – months and even years. It can be expensive, in terms of time and dollars and can be very stressful. I think court should be a last resort in divorce and family law cases. I am an experienced divorce attorney, and will not hesitate to take a matter to court and vigorously assert your rights when necessary. But usually, I find that it is in your best interest to avoid trials by putting pressure on the other side to compromise. Of course you need to be fully involved in making those decisions that will so profoundly affect your life. I will explore with you the various options available, to find the approach that will work best for you and your family. My experience and reputation usually results in your divorce case being resolved fairly without a trial and at a much lower cost to you.

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