Complex High Asset Divorce

Individuals going through a divorce face difficult issues — legally, high asset divorcefinancially and emotionally. These issues are often compounded when significant assets or complex property is at stake. Our law firm emphasizes open communication and strong attorney-client relationships. This enables us to clearly understand the issues involved, your goals for resolution and the dynamics of your situation. Our thorough understanding of your situation, our dedication to keeping you actively engaged in decisions throughout your divorce case and our comprehensive understanding of the interconnection of family and tax laws in a high-asset divorce enables us to obtain better results for clients. While individuals facing a high-asset divorce will face the same issues of property division, child custody, support and other concerns involved in a traditional divorce, our family law attorneys understand that high-asset divorces often involve a number of other complex issues such as:
  • Business valuations
  • Multiple pieces of real estate (such as vacation homes or investment properties)
  • Employment-related stock options
  • Deferred compensation
  • SEP’s, IRA’s and retirement plans
  • Timeshares
  • Family businesses
  • Portfolios
  • Bonuses
  • Retirement / Pension plans
  • Inheritance
  • Item investments like art, classic cars, or antiques
  • Other unique property concerns
At the law office of Tabano & Associates, our attorneys are accustomed to counseling clients on these high-asset/high-income divorce issues. Our attorneys work with specialists to address many of the issues that arise in high-asset divorces, including:
  • Hidden assetsWe retain the services of independent investigators to identify hidden assets for purposes of fair property division

  • Business interestsWe obtain business valuations in order to determine the full and fair value of a business, as well as the value of any interests in a business

  • Securities assets and cash assetsWe evaluate the fair market value of stocks, bonds, money market accounts and other financial accounts

  • Real estateIn addition to the marital home, we examine other real property interests, including vacation homes, rental properties, income from rental properties and all other real estate investments

  • Retirement accountsWe assist clients with QDROs (qualified domestic relations orders) in order to secure a fair share of retirement benefits from IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions and other forms of deferred compensation.

  • Child supportWe address concerns regarding unreported income, under reported income and other child support obligations

People involved in divorce with significant marital assets must trust that their attorney has the ability to handle these complex issues.  At Tabano & Associates our attorneys know Pennsylvania’s equitable distribution laws and have successfully handled many high asset divorce cases.
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